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Everything You Need To Know About Green Transport


Moving to a new apartment and want to think green? Excellent; sustainable transport (green transport) is a transportation form on which a lot of emphasis and importance are placed for a better environment.

These days, the awareness for the environment is in high development. When we move, we are faced with an excellent opportunity to make a positive change toward and better quality of life and cleaner environment. When we plan our apartment moving, we can take advantage of the opportunity to help the environment, people, and ourselves.

There are a few important rules in green transport for keeping a greener environment.

Where Do I Find Cardboard Boxes?

When we start packing, the first thing we do is collect cardboard boxes in various places: entries to garbage rooms, shopping centers, near populated construction sites, and other varied locations. Do not buy new cardboard boxes; you won't have anything to do with them later anyway, and it's a high expense. Avoid using plastic bags, since they are one of the major pollution factors in the world, and they rip very quickly.

What to Do With Things You Don't Need

After you've collected enough boxes, the next step is to remove things from storerooms, closets and attics. You will be surprised to find out how many things you own, most of which are not in use, and if you are honest with yourself, you will realize that it's very likely they won't have any use in the future either. Now it's time to recycle; old clothes, toys, books and unnecessary paperwork. Stuff that won't be in use – recycle in the appropriate places, each thing to its appropriate container.

Useable things such as clothes, books, equipment such as: baby carriage, refrigerator or washing machine, you can donate them to other people. It's possible to donate to various foundations that give away to people in need. It's possible to advertise online, and even sell things (in an affordable price). This is how, in fact, you recycle stuff you don't need and transfer them to other people.

Another advantage to this is that you save up a lot of space in the new apartment. A study that was done in the United States found that it's possible to save up to 30% with the green transport method! Both in size of the transport, and the price of the transport.

What to Do After Transporting the Boxes

After arriving to the new apartment, unpacking all the boxes, and organizing your new home, you give away the boxes to anyone who wants them; a friend, neighbor, relative, or anyone else who's about to move as well. Unusable cardboard boxes (ripped or destroyed) are tossed away to paper recycling bins. This is how you keep the environment clean.

What Do I Gain From Green Transport

The gain from green transport is instant for a lot of reasons: first, you save up valuable space during transport; second, you save up a lot of space in the new apartment, and last but not least: you donate to the environment, future and present. Things that have been stored in the closet for years are now used by people with low means, things that aren't useable anymore are on their way to the recycling factories, and, of course, in the long run, you have valuably donated to the environment, and to a better world.


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