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Existing Business Transport


Do you own a store but it's too small? The office can no longer accommodate the number of hired employees? Do you need to transport your business to a bigger space? This article is just for you.

  • Find a suitable business location – take enough time to find a new location that would suit your business for at least the next 2 years. You would probably prefer not to change locations every year, and so the new business location should be in accordance with the business' development plan.
  • Set up work infrastructure – before moving in the new business, order the required infrastructure, such as internet, phone lines, operator, computer network, electricity, water, and any other service necessary for your business.
  • Hire a professional moving company – business transport should be as quick and as smooth as possible, to guarantee minimum income and customer service damage. Do not compromise; compare different moving companies and choose the best one for you.
  • Keep important equipment – some things may get lost during the move, so make sure important equipment, such as postdated check books, customer logbook, and more. In addition, make a backup of all your computerized data, just in case.
  • Insurance policy – make sure your moving company provides a valid insurance policy, and that is covers the entire value of transported equipment. This is important in cases of equipment damage, car accidents or lost equipment.
  • Use your employees for additional help – using your employees, if you have any, is a great way to lessen the load; ask them to pack some of the equipment, as well as unpack it at the new location. In addition, talk with your workers and share the expected moving process with them; the certitude you will offer them will increase moral and their sense of belonging and loyalty to your business.

Trading Places

We don't really intend for you to expect this, but when you change a location, so do other things change, rather naturally; sometimes for the best, sometimes a bit less. This shouldn't deter you from moving, but you should keep this in mind.

If you are employing workers, explain to them that they should return to routine immediately after the move, and they are expected to cooperate and be professional. Study shows a decrease in worker seriousness and sense of freedom during a business move, so be careful.

If you are transporting a store, consult business advisors how to draw new customers to the new store; one of the ways is to inform your customers prior to moving, and market the new location in a way that would leave customers feeling they will only benefit from the store's relocation.

Take note that moving is also a great opportunity to refreshing work procedures and methods; such that you were happy with, and new ideas on how to grow your income.


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