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How To Transport An Office To A New Location?

Have you opened a business that grew within a year and realized that you need extra employees? Extra employees require, of course, extra work stations and a bigger office space.

Transporting an office of an active business, with workers, clients and continuous daily work is indeed an uneasy task. Many business owners, who have already decided to relocate, face this task with cold feet.

The workers may view the moving period as fun, enjoyable, with many hours of freedom and lack of organization in the work routine. The employer, however, may experience this quite differently.

Most employers experience difficulty and worry about the move, lest the consequences from a broken work routine will be significant enough to harm the business substantially. Therefore, many of them choose to invest all require efforts to guarantee a moving process as quick and as smooth as possible.

Moving The Business

Have you decided to move your business, and would like to know your obstacles?

First of all, take into account the size of the existing office and the amount of equipment you're transporting. If it's a large amount of equipment, you will likely require the services of a moving company.

Most clients find that this is the best option for them, since they are not willing to take the risk that something will go wrong, and as a result will harm work flow.

If you don't have a lot of equipment to transport, you might be able to move on your own, without professional service. In order to decide on your best option, consider the following things: See if you own a large enough vehicle for the equipment transportation. Check if self-transport will take much longer than professional transport. If there's a significant time gap, check if this gap creates loss of income, higher than cost for professional transport by a moving company. Answering these queries will provide you enough information to make the best decision for your move.

Whether you've chosen a professional moving service or self-transport, it's recommended to prepare a moving plan that will specify the schedule of the different moving stages.

First, set aside enough time for packing. Make note that you can make a very efficient use of your business employees for packing; each one of them can pack their own work station, and even help with general packing.

Second, set aside enough time for loading, even if it is done by a moving company; ask the movers for a precise time estimate required for loading, and think about what tasks your employees can do during this time.

Third, plan the unloading. It's recommended that each employee will wait in the new office location, ready to receive and unload boxes of equipment.

An efficient and organized work will make the process quick, smooth, and even enjoyable.

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