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Important Tips on Transporting and Apartment Moving

10 important tips on transporting and apartment moving by the experience of people who gave up their sanity to understand the same things you can understand right here on this page.

  1. Setting up moving date
  2. Preparing a moving plan
  3. Preparing the new apartment
  4. Choosing a moving company
  5. Packing baggage
  6. Loading baggage
  7. Transporting
  8. Unloading baggage
  9. The mental experience
  10. Minimizing problems


1. Setting up moving date

Congratulations, you have decided to move, and you are facing a very complex task.
One of the most important tips you should keep in mind actually concerns the preliminary stages of the move. This is the stage of setting up a moving date, and it's significant both economically and in terms of convenience.

As long as the moving date is up to you, choose it wisely. Don't choose a day with high traffic jams, like Monday, holiday eves, vacations, and so on.

Don't schedule on a rush hour with the moving company, for example 8am or 4 in the afternoon. These times are usually jammed with road traffic on most roads, and the transportation time could get delayed and as a result cost more.

2. Preparing a moving plan

As part of the preliminary planning for moving, it is highly recommended to prepare a moving plan. A moving plan could save up a lot of work as well as money.

A good moving plan should include a list of all the furniture and baggage you need to transport; sizes and quantity. This list must be handed to the moving company, and in so receive an accurate price quote. This is also a way to get a recommendation from the insurance company regarding which size of truck you will need for transporting. At the same time, also consult about the duration of time it would require to loading and unloading the baggage, and with this information you would be able to add a proper schedule to the moving plan as well.

If you manage to be punctual in schedule and the moving plan, you will discover that moving can be smooth and easy.

3. Preparing the new apartment

An easy move begins in arriving at a ready new apartment. Go to your new place a few days before the move, clean it well, and prepare it for the arrival of the furniture and baggage. In addition, prepare a draft of what goes where in each room, including furniture; on the moving day, just guide the movers with the help of this draft, during unloading.

Also, prepare the living infrastructure that is required for you to return to your life's routine as quickly as possible. Set up your phone line and internet service. Invite the cable company to install your cable TV. Order a gas connection. Update your local authority your contact details for municipal fees and taxes. Connect yourselves to all the other services which you require in advance, so that you could begin your routine already on the day after the move.

4. Choosing a moving company

In an age where competition exceeds demand, there is a big advantage to consumers. You can use this to your advantage and make an organized comparison between a few moving companies. Give each company a full list of your baggage, in order to get an accurate price quote and compare them to each other.

Check how many employees the moving company intends on sending, and which size of truck you will get for the price you pay.

Another important thing is to make sure to know what the coverage the moving company offers is, in cases of loss or damages that could occur during the move.

Most insurance companies have extensive policies that are supposed to cover any situation of damage or loss of baggage, and compensate the customer in accordance with the value of the baggage. Check that the policy is valid and that the sum is appropriate to the value of the baggage you're transporting.

5. Packing baggage

A lot of people don't pay attention to the proper way of packing baggage. In order to survive the packing stage, it's highly recommended to implement the next tip.

First, pack in an orderly fashion. Separate your summer clothes and winter clothes, and begin packing the things that are rarely used. Leave the stuff you use often to the end.

Second, mark each box its contents, in a clear and accurate manner, and also mention which room it belongs to.

Third and most important, invest in packing materials. A lot of people try to save up costs and pack sloppily – don't be cheap and purchase materials for padding china and to guard fragile things; this could save you a lot of money in the long run.

6. Loading baggage

It's likely that at this stage your moving company will send a crew of movers to load your baggage. Nevertheless, it's important to be involved in the process yourself, in order to prevent any mishaps on the way.

Instruct the moving crew about the order of the loading. Naturally, the first baggage you would need to unload first to the new apartment would have to be loaded last to the truck.

Important boxes that contain changing clothes for children, toiletries, or primary foods and drinks, should be placed in an accessible place so that your kids will not have to unnecessarily wait for these important things.

When you're done loading the baggage do not neglect safety checks. Make sure that the entire baggage and furniture you need to transport have been loaded on to the truck.

7. Transporting

Transporting your baggage and furniture is the easy part of the process. The baggage is already on the transporting truck, and all that's left to do is to bring it to your new residence. But also in this stage some unexpected problems could occur.

First, talk with the driver about the Itinerary. If you started the transportation during rush hour, settle with the driver in advance whether to get on toll roads or stand in traffic; both have economical consequences that in most cases the customer needs to deal with.

It's recommended to do the transportation part with the escort of one of you. Ask for permission in advance for yourself or for one of your family members to escort the truck driver, and to be in charge of making sure the arrival of all the baggage to your new residence.

8. Unloading Baggage

A lot of people say that the unloading part is where the real apartment moving begins, and indeed, there is something to it.

Unloading baggage is done by the carriers automatically, and their purpose is to empty the truck and finish the job, while your purpose is a bit different. You want to make it easier on yourself as much as possible and prevent as many mishaps as possible and wasted time.

In order to make the process efficient, lead the carrier crew closely during the entire process. Remind them to read the markings on the boxes and to place the boxes straight into their designated rooms, if you have written the rooms on the boxes, that is. As for the big furniture, direct the movers to place the furniture straight into their new location, as well as assembling furniture right where it's supposed to be – this way you save up valuable time, and don't get stuck moving your heavy furniture around the apartment.

9. The mental experience

This is a tip that each of you will take differently. Some people, despite the initial mental and technical preparation, will experience the move as difficult and complex. Other people will take it easy and not make a big deal out of it, because it is their nature.

Take into account that it is a complicated process that requires a lot of time for preliminary preparations, including planning and packing, as well as the process of loading, transporting, unloading, and organizing the new apartment.

On the other hand, remember that it's about change and the beginning of a new path. Apartment moving is an opportunity to freshen up energies, bring you and your family to a new place, and to experience mental and structural change as one – so take advantage of that. Try to make yourself prepared to the process, mentally, and take advantage of it in the most positive way possible.

10. Minimizing problems

The experience of others could be worth a fortune of time and money. All the tips you have received in this article were written in blood. People have shed tears in order to understand the same things that you are able to through a few minutes of reading, but the difference between an easy move and an excruciating move is the implementation. When you walk into the process of moving, you may end up exhausted, and mistakes are made by choosing from a place of exhaustion and despair – don't let yourself relinquish control. Try to implement all these tips and treat the move as a serious project; manage it accordingly and with the seriousness it deserves to be handled. A pre-planned, organized, and seriously managed job will minimize problems significantly. It's a shame to realize this only after it's finished.

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