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Long-Term Storage

Long-term storage services – as well as short-term storage services – are mostly required for individuals or business owners, who need to transport equipment from one place to another, while there is a time gap between the equipment evacuation dates to the admission day to the new place.

In the private sector, it's mostly people who move to a new apartment, and that the moving out is sooner than the moving-in date. In the business sector, it's mostly business owners and stores that also have a time gap between evacuating the old business place and moving in the new business place.

Needless to say that each client needs to store a different amount of equipment, and so, many storage and moving companies offer various containers and storerooms in different sizes and for different periods of time.

In the aforementioned cases, it mostly concerns relatively short-term storage, but there are cases in which people require very long-term storage services. In situations where in a family chooses to move to a different country, for example, for work purposes for the duration of several years, it's likely that they would choose to rent their apartment or even sell it, and would be interested to store the contents of the apartment for the entire duration abroad.

Long-term storage services are also suitable for long duration, in such that it's possible to rent a container for several months or several years.

Where Can We Have Long-Term Storage?

Generally speaking, for long-term storage you may use all kinds of storage companies, and nowadays it is also possible to find storage services in the different moving companies. In the case where the storage would have to be for a very long time, you also have the option to check about buying a container and finding a safe location to place it in.

In addition, some storage companies hold very large storage warehouses, in which they allow each customer a certain space for the storing of their equipment – check all your options and determine which one answers best your personal needs.

What Is Important to Check?

If, for budget reasons, you prefer to rent a storage space in a storage company, it's important to check the options and conditions, in terms of the size of the container, storage conditions, and insurance policy. These tips are important mainly for long-term storage, since the long duration of time is an opening for possible damages; therefore ensure these things in advance.

First, pay attention that the storage conditions offered to you are suitable for the storage conditions your equipment needs. Pay attention that certain equipment requires maintaining a certain amount of moisture in order to prevent decay and molding, so it's important to ensure these conditions in advance.

Another important thing is the insurance policy; check with the storage company for which cases you are entitled for monetary compensation from the insurance company, and also make sure that the monetary compensation offered is at least equivalent to the worth of the equipment you're storing.

Furthermore, it's important to ensure the storing duration. If it is likely that you will only need a year of storing, check what would happen if you will need to extend it further. Some companies raise the price significantly on additional renting period, if you do not provide a notification in advance, because then the company may lose customers for the delay. If you realize that you need an additional storage period, make sure to notify the company in advance, just in case.

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