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Packing for the Move

Moving? Need to pack and transport all of your equipment? Not to worry, friends, this could be a lot more fun than you might imagine... To make the packing stage fun and easy, we've gathered a few recommendations from professionals. Apply these well, and you will discover how much fun it is to move.

Packing for the Move - Proper Planning

Most difficulties and hitches often happen due to pressured time and wrong planning. While setting the moving-out and moving-in date, you should consider spending some time in planning the move. The core of the moving plan should include the packing stage, adjacent to the move, since it is the stage that takes the longest to finish.

The most common professional advice in the field is to take your time. That is to say, do not try to pack the entire apartment in 3 days, because (apparently) it almost never works.

First of all, allow at least one day of packing for each room. This, of course, depends on the amount of hours you would be able to invest each day for packing. If you work during the day and can only pack during the evening hours, take into account the chance you will be too tired to pack for the entire evening and might end up pausing packing a room to gather some strength for the next day. In this case, you're advised to allow two days of packing to each room.

This is exactly the place to take into account time spent reminiscing on objects you have forgotten about, and making up your mind whether to keep or get rid of certain things. This is also the place for renewal. Try to get rid of stuff that has no use for you, things that are in good condition could be passed on to someone else, and throw away things that are total loss.

Proper Packing

People who live and breathe the moving business know how much these advices could benefit with the moving process. Here are 3 practical advices that could save up time and money both in packing and unpacking:

1.     Pack Safely: Do not take this lightly and remember that each cardboard box will be loaded, transported and unloaded. As a rule, it's recommended to leave a minimum amount of air pockets in each box, so that the equipment arrives as organized as possible, and so that the unloading and unpacking job will be easier. In addition, make use of the required packing materials, protect fragile objects and close each box with powerful enough glue, in accordance with the weight of the equipment it contains.

2.     Pack Orderly: Plan what you're putting in each box and try to pack together things that go in the same cabinet or room in your new apartment. When you arrive at your new apartment and begin unpacking, you will discover that this is also a time-consuming task, and so with planning you would be able to shorten the unpacking time significantly and ease up the process.

3.     Prepare A Few Important Boxes and Mark Them As Such: Packing for a move to a new apartment must take into account the next day. As you arrive at your new place, it is likely you will need instantaneous things, such as: minimal food, cups, initial clothing for changing and shower, tooth brushes and other important daily things.

Prepare in advance several boxes with all the important daily equipment that would serve you on the first 2 days after the move, and keep it close to you, so that as you arrive at your new place you could make use of it immediately.

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