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Proper Packing for Storage


Storing equipment in containers or storerooms is a task that should be planned well in advance.

Many customers do not mind proper packing for storage, and afterwards discover that they could have prevented damages to the equipment they have stored.

Packing itself and the used methods for this are dependent on the type of equipment you're about to store and the storing duration. Needless to say that a short-term storage of a few days wouldn't require the same preparations, in terms of packing, like those you will need for long-term storage duration, such as a few weeks or months.

Most moving and storage companies are skilled in matters of packing and storage. You could always hire professional packing services by a skilled staff that will arrive equipped with all the materials needed for safe and proper packing for any kind of storage duration.

If you choose to do this on your own, it's recommended to get some tips from different moving and storage companies, and check their recommendations on how to pack your specific equipment properly.

How to Pack Nonetheless?

Note that the next recommendations are mostly true for long-term storage, for the sensitivity of the matter. Still, you could always take the ones suitable for your specific needs.

First, it's highly recommended to make a list of all the equipment you're about to store. On that list it's best to mark storage instructions and comments next to each furniture and type of equipment or luggage.

With each furniture, there is a difference in the varied suitable packing methods, and you will have to examine each furniture and determine the right storing and packing conditions for it.

Generally, if you have closed boxes, it's very important to apply a special substance that prevents molding, since time could create some serious mold damages. As a rule, it's highly recommended to store clothes, coat, shoes and other such items in special vacuum bags.

Fragile items should be padded in bubble wrap (and mark these boxes as "fragile" so that other heavy boxes wouldn't be placed on top of them).

Furniture and appliances should be protected with a special nylon wrapping that is called Plastic Stretch Wrap, at 50mm thickness, and it protects the product from scratching and various damages, as well as prevents dirt and bug infestation.

Needless to say, you will have to match additional items to the size of the storeroom and the way you're likely to organize the baggage. For example, if it's small storerooms which need to be organized, you should place the heavier baggage on the bottom, and place the lighter stuff on top of it.

Height arrangement of appliances is problematic, since some appliances can break down if you place too much weight on them, and this should be taken into account. Furthermore, the appliances should stand in their original position and angle, meaning a sloped or laid down refrigerator might break down, and the same goes for all the other appliances.


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