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Short-Term Storage

Moving to a new apartment? Transporting equipment from place to place? Need a place to store the contents of your apartment and equipment until the move-in date to the new apartment? Short-term storage services are an ideal solution for people who need a place to store equipment.

You may sometimes find yourself in a situation where the moving out date of the old apartment doesn't match the move-in date to the new apartment, and this gap in time could stretch over several days, and you will need to figure out how to store your entire equipment.

Many moving companies offer short-term storage services. All these companies provide their customers with storage space to keep the contents of the apartment in, mostly furniture and electronic appliances, and also the rest of the equipment that needs transporting to the new apartment. Most of these companies keep ground-level warehouses or shipping containers in different sizes, which they offer to rent for either a daily fee or a monthly fee.

Customers, who choose short-term storage services from the same moving company that is transporting their equipment, get, in fact, a full service. The movers arrive on the moving out day, and load the entire equipment and furniture onto the transporting trucks. If it's a short gap between the dates, the moving company might choose to hold all the transported equipment inside the truck itself, but some companies cannot afford to leave a fully loaded truck to be unavailable for other transports, and they prefer to unload the contents in warehouses. On the move-in day, the movers transport the entire equipment to the new apartment and unload it there, so the time gap shouldn't change the moving process.

What's Important to Check?

If you require storage services, whether short-term or long-term, it's important to pay attention to a few important things, for a smooth and easy process.

First, if you decide to hire the storage services from the moving company that handles your entire moving and transportation package, it is recommended you check what they plan to do with the equipment. Whether they choose to hold it in the truck or the warehouses, it is better that you know the location of the truck or the warehouses.

Another very important thing to remember, is to make sure to get a full coverage from a valid and suitable insurance policy, so that in the case of equipment loss or theft, you would be entitled for monetary compensation, equivalent to the value of the equipment that you're storing.

Furthermore, while getting the price quote, as another quote for possible schedule deviation. In some situations, the move-in date to the new apartment might get delayed for different reasons. In such a situation, you might need extra storage time, and you should be aware of the extra cost for this, and consider it in your budget.

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