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Even while reading this article, all the music lovers will immediately recognize the sensitivity in transporting a piano.

Transporting a grand piano or any other piano frequently involves a direct contact with extremely valuable equipment, and in so rises the sensitivity and significance of the moving method and the level professionalism of the moving crew.

How To Transport A Piano?

To the self-transporting individuals among you: for each of those people who decide to transport a piano on their own, we've gathered some important points you should pay attention to while you're transporting as well as preparing for it.

Check the size of your piano and see if it fits through your doorway, or if need to extract it in parts. In accordance with the piano model, check about all those parts that can be dismantled and do it safely. Usually, all the parts that can be removed should be removed, and not just some of them, so that during transportation parts don't get loose and dismantled on their own.



If you are able to move the entire piano through your doorway, we highly recommend padding all its corners and all the parts that can get damaged during loading or unloading. And of course, it's recommended to tape each part that can slide open (such as the keyboard cover), so that nothing accidentally opens and bothers the transportation and the piano's safety.

While loading the piano onto the transporting vehicle, pay attention to the way you're placing it, check the road conditions of the way from the old location to the future location of your piano, and pay attention to any paved slopes. It's highly recommended to tie the piano and reinforce it so it doesn't move and get damaged during transportation.

To the worried ones among you: for all those people who don't want to take a risk and prefer to hire the service of a professional moving company, we also recommend to confirm a few things while you're contacting the moving company.

First, check the size of the piano and tell the moving company its precise physical size, so that they could match the transporting vehicle to the size of the piano. Second, inquire about how they intend to extract it from your apartment and how they plan to secure it during transportation, for safety reasons, and make sure they know how to dismantle the piano to pieces and assemble it in your new location, if such need arises during the move.

Another very important thing is to check with the moving company the coverage their insurance offers on the transportation itself, and make sure the insurance policy includes the monetary value of your specific piano. Keep in mind that a policy that covers damages up to $10,000 will not be very helpful to someone who's transporting a piano worth $30,000, and so this is a very important thing to check.

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