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Table Transportation

How Do You Transport A Table?

Transporting a table, just like transporting a sofa or closet, is an entirely physical task. To move furniture from place to place and to transport heavy equipment is a task which many prefer to entrust with professionals; the moving companies.

Moving services by professional moving companies turns the entire apartment moving process into something much easier and simpler. The company sends a crew of carriers who are skilled and trained in moving and transporting large equipment, including furniture, boxes, and various appliances.

Professional Transportation

A professional moving crew arrives on the moving day equipped with proper equipment that aids them to extract the contents of the apartment onto the transporting vehicle and to enter them into the new residence. A lot of the time the apartments are located inside buildings with compact stairways and no elevator that could assist, and here's where the experience and skill of the moving crew comes into action, something that could save you a lot of time and physical work.

In such special situations, the moving crew uses special methods and equipment to extract the contents and transport it. When needed, the moving crew can decide to disassemble the furniture and assemble them in the new residence where they're supposed to stand.

Transporting a table and all other furniture by a professional moving company, is mostly backed up with a trucking insurance that provides compensation to the client, in cases where some of the contents get damaged in some way during the apartment moving process.


Despite the significant advantages that many moving companies offer, some people choose to try to transport their stuff independently. The main reason for this lies in economic considerations, and it saves them the cost of the move itself, but you should take into account the difficulties and limitations that might overshadow the process and make it even more complicated.

For instance, transporting a table independently, when it's not properly planned, might extend the loading duration significantly, since most tables are far bigger than the doorway. This is why you should plan in advance the transfer form.

There are some very big tables that require disassembly and assembly. Make note of the disassembly method so that you remember how to reassemble it in the new apartment. Also, keep all the small parts of the table (such as screws, nuts, and so on) in a single bag, this way you won't miss any parts later on.

The same is true for any other furniture, since there are some big furniture which would require disassembly and assembly, and it's best to plan respectively which tools you would need for the disassembly, and which furniture would be extracted in their wholeness.

Moving a disassembled table is also a task that should not be taken lightly. Since you are transporting a disassembled table, you should mind on how and where to place it. During transportation some of the parts could move and get damaged, and so it's important to place the parts on some cushioning, and even add dividing cushioning between each part, such as towels, so that they don't get scratched.


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