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Sustainable Transport

How Does This Work?

During an apartment move we might discover that we own things to which we have no use; old clothes that no one wears anymore, or clothes we've held on to for our kids and forgot about their existence, old books, outdated paperwork, and all kinds of other things that we don't use anymore. Isn't it time to renovate and not hold on to things we don't need anymore?

Paperwork and old books can be tossed in recycling bins, or donate them to city libraries or different associations that donate furniture, clothes and old books.

Clothes can be passed on as a donation to various associations that collect clothes and toys, and donate these to the poor. Different products that are not used – pass them on or throw them into a designated recycling bin.

Metals can be transferred to lots that collect iron, and you can even get money for them.

Moreover, during packing, it's best to use cardboard boxes that you collect on the street; near trash rooms or near large shopping centers. This is how we recycle cardboard use. When the move is over, you can toss them to paper bins, or just pass them on to family members or friends who are about to move.

In short, the green transport attitude says to get rid of unused things and send to for recycling.

One of the green transport ideas says that when you're minimizing the items you don’t need, you require less packing materials, less packing, and less transporting. This is how, for example, you could save up on transportation and minimize the number of vehicles you would require, or even the size of the transporting truck, to move your contents. This is also how you will need less storage space in your new apartment and less storage means for it. This is how you contribute to the environment, and at the same time, enjoy a cheaper move, since you're transporting fewer things.

The green approach is gathering momentum around the world, as a result of extensive education given by the various authorities in different countries. The green approach contributes to the quality of life, even for an apartment move, which is a great opportunity to get rid of things you don't need.

In Conclusion

Green transport is an apartment moving approach that places the wellbeing of the environment on top priority, during the moving process. The approach claims that things that aren't being used and things that are stored for no particular reason should be recycled either by passing them on to other people's use, such as clothes and toys, or, alternatively, toss them away to designated recycling bins. The idea saves you a lot of space in the move, and significantly minimizes the move, and as a result you could use a smaller vehicle for transportation. The green approach contributes to the environment, to you – present and future. Thanks to this approach, you would need to store fewer things, and would need less storage space. 


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