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Storage Services

In many cases, there is a time gap between the specific date of leaving the old apartment and moving in the new apartment.

For this time gap, the requirement for equipment storage service might be needed more than once until the apartment move-in date.

Many moving companies offer storage services, and allow long-term usage and short-term usage in the company's warehouses. A lot of companies also keep a site with different sized containers, and allow the customers to rent a container for a specific period of time, and to store their equipment.

Whether you need storage services, short-term or long-term, and you decide to rent a container for this, it is very important that you make sure the container is insured, at least for as much as your equipment is worth. Check that the policy covers cases wherein a fire erupts inside the container, or cases of break-in and equipment theft, and make sure that the monetary compensation you will be eligible to will be of equal value to the worth of your equipment.

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